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Our Green Element

Well I guess we are green in more ways than one. Green brand new company. Green environmentally preferred products and a green, reuse, recycle programme for all end users! Everyone involved with OCS Online Cleaning Supplies recognises that environmental responsibility is something that belongs to all of globe

What do I mean by that? It starts with us, your friendly supplier. And what are we doing at our end? First we create a fantastic range that is driven by environmentally preferred products and independently certified as such by a top tier independent certifier, in this case GECA to certify them.

Next we make sure that all of these products are as good if not better performing than the not so great for the environment products we ALL (well most of us) have been using.

Then of course we need to give you a reason to change and get excited about doing something positive for our planet with our products!

dollar sign on paper


“That’s great, but they are always more expensive than the usual things I use”, I hear you say. So because we want to make the world a cleaner and less toxic place for us all to live in, we have some GREAT news! Our products are all around the same price as what your currently using, even better, some are CHEAPER!

Ok, so your not convinced yet, fair enough. Let’s add some more incentive, we all like to get better bang for buck right? How about if you return (to any of our outlets) your empty container when you have used all of your new favourite cleaning product and we will credit you 5% off the next purchase of that product. That’s really money for nothing but wanting to do the right thing and using an awesome product you love. Leave the rest to use and we will refill your container or recycle it.

Need more? Go and count ALL of the different cleaning products you have laying around polluting your home or workplace. Somewhere between 6 and 10 products there right? The average family let alone cleaning contractors spend on average $600 annually on cleaning products. We can give you 3 to do your entire home and or office! Think of the difference you can make right there, perfect financial and environmental sense.

I’m sold, lets go clean up the environment! What else have you got? We can teach you how to use your new best choice environmentally preferred products (if you want us to) so you get the very best from them and avoid overdosing your buckets and spaces.

We will also be giving you the option of glass bottles for trigger spray applications. The benefits to this small change are ENDLESS! See our blog for details, it will be a HUGE talking point soon and we are very excited about it.

As you can see we are passionate about making it super simple for every user to make the change to a greener product and future. OCS Online Cleaning Supplies are looking forward to helping you, your family and friends all make some small changes that will very quickly compound into a massive difference for all of our futures.

Changing your environmental footprint, one product at a time.
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