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Code SPRU5, SPRU20
PH Level 8.5+/- 0.5


What is it?

Its an all-purpose cleaner that works very quickly to penetrate and remove light to medium soil loads from all washable hard surfaces. Use it on soils and spillages including foodstuffs, drinks, fats and general traffic dirt from all types of floors, walls, windows, toilets paintwork, laminates and other washable surfaces. It’s an environmentally responsible cleaner with loads of uses meaning you don’t need nearly as many chemicals in your stock!

Why use it?

It is a water-based detergent that has been designed to have the lowest possible impacts on both people and the environment and still be a powerful cleaning solution. Is hypo-allergenic * and promotes good indoor air quality.Is safe to use and colour-coded for easy identification.

How it works.

The surfactants in it are classed as colloidal particles, (really small things that break dirt and grime away from where it is). These particles reduce the surface tension of the solution, attack and encapsulate oil and dirt and separate these substances from the surface being cleaned. All you need to do is wash it all away.

The green bit

A highly biodegradable cleaner that is free of any phosphates is pH neutral and non flammable .


Bring it back and to us and we will reuse it! If it’s a bit trashed we will recycle it! Alternatively you can reuse or recycle it yourself. We don’t like lazy landfill and are working to dramatically reduce it.

Additional information

Dimensions N/A

20L, 5L


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