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Matt Finish

$94.23 incl. GST

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Code MAT5
PH Level 9.0 +/- 0.5
Size 5L

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What is Matt Finish?

MATT FINISH is a tough, hard-wearing, water-based floor sealer that dries to a low-sheen finish. It will protect floors and cut down on sun-glare, and is fully strippable.

Key Benefits

Dries to a non-reflective, very low-sheen coating.
Requires minimal stirring, easy to lay
Is clear and colourless.
Is non-slip when dry.
Is a hard-wearing, tough coating that will last well even under heavy traffic.
Makes it easier to produce a uniform, streak-free coating.

How Does It Work?

MATT FINISH is a low-sheen, acrylic floor sealer with maximum toughness and mark-resistance. It is fully strippable, so coatings can be replaced whenever desired. This is a major benefit in hospitals and nursing homes. Many architects also specify lowsheen floor coatings in new buildings because they reduce glare and impart a softer look to the interior spaces.

For Use On…

In buildings where sun-glare would be uncomfortable, MATT FINISH is excellent because it will minimise reflections and glare. MATT FINISH is suitable for applications to all normal floors, including vinyl, timber, stone, terrazzo and concrete.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 120 × 190 × 300 mm


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