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Code EX5, EX20
PH Level 9.5 +/- 0.5
Perfume Rose


What is Exit?

EXIT is a premium liquid detergent which contains fastreacting cleaning agents for single-pass hot water extraction carpet cleaning. This product is pH-controlled for effective and safe cleaning even on 100% wool carpets.

Key Benefits

  • EXIT is concentrated and fast acting
  • EXIT really improves the look and feel of carpets

How Does It Work?

EXIT should be added to the tank of carpet hot-water extraction machines. EXIT is a perfumed liquid detergent with fast reacting cleaning agents for single-pass hot-water extraction carpet cleaning. The detergent ingredients in EXIT are specially selected for their rapid action and low-foaming characteristics. Solutions of EXIT are free rinsing so that the carpet fibres are left clean and fresh with no oily residues to attract dirt and lead to early resoiling. EXIT conforms with the requirements of Australian Standard AS3733:1995 for carpet cleaning chemicals.

For Use On…

EXIT leaves the carpet with a good “hand” and improves carpet appearance with brighter colours. The perfume in EXIT dispels “wet carpet” odours and leaves a lingering fresh fragrance. The soil-penetrating properties of EXIT make it ideal for use as a carpet stain pre-spotter prior to general cleaning.

Additional information

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20L, 5L

1 review for Exit

  1. George’s Carpet Cleanning

    Using Exit as a pre spray as per label instructions for a heavy soiled carpet,I found it worked effectively well on general dirt and traffic worn areas. It handled all but the most stubborn protein based stains with ease. It also worked well on not long dried pet stains. Heavy oil based stains however, required further treatment with a citrus based spotter. No real surprises there as some of the well established competitors products also suffer from this.Exit left a pleasant finishing aroma which eliminated that ‘wet carpet’ smell, lingering on the nose without being overbearing.All in all,a good product I would both recommend and use again.

    • Jessica

      Thank you George for your feedback !!! We really appreciate the time you took to review our product. We hope to see you in store again soon.
      Thanks OCS

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