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Code BEL5
PH Level 10.5 +/- 0.5


What is it?

It’s a glass cleaner that easily penetrates and light to medium soiling on any glass surface as well as stainless steel and chrome.In addition, It is waterbased and has been formulated to produce the lowest possible impacts on anything that lives and breathes. Yet remains highly effective and productive cleaner!

Why use it?

As user you benefit by using something that is hypo-allergenic and promotes good indoor air quality. It is safe to use with easily identifiable colour coding plus has a non dangerous good rating. Best of all it works quickly, is non streaking and evaporates fast.

How Does It Work?

The surfactants in BELLEVUE are classed as colloidal particles that work on a macro-molecular level to remove soil. These particles reduce the surface tension of the solution, attack and encapsulate oil and dirt and separate these substances from the surface being cleaned. The oil and dirt can then be wiped away easily.

The Green bit

All the ingredients have been carefully chosen.  This gives you a glass cleaner that is HIGHLY biodegradable, phosphate free, low alkaline pH, is non flammable and conforms with all statutory environmental requirements.

What’s in it?

Surfactants that come from renewable natural and re-growable resources (sugar, starch and coconut oil).

What’s not in it?

NO Volatile organic compounds, these are the heavy polluters that cause poor air quality and allergic reactions in some people. There is NO perfumes or alcohols. Also NO toxic, harmful or ecologically suspect ingredients. Finally, NO ammonia, glycol ethers, nonaligned phenol ethoxylates, caustics, corrosives, chlorine, heavy metals, or phthalates.


Bring it back to us and we will reuse it! If it’s a bit trashed we will recycle it! Alternatively you can reuse or recycle for yourself. We don’t like lazy landfill and are working to dramatically reduce it.


Refills are only available in store at West Gosford and Brookvale

Additional information

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750ml Refill, 5L


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