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AntiBac-San-GHS-SDS Download
Colour  Clear light blue
PH Level 100% solution 7.0-7.4
Perfume Ocean Fresh




AntiBac-San Hospital Grade Disinfectant-Sanitiser

AntiBac-SAN is a new generation liquid RTU sanitiser/disinfectant based on a synergistic blend of mixed chain quaternary ammonium compounds and surface wetting components. Unlike traditional quaternary sanitisers, AntiBac-SAN has true broad spectrum sanitising activity and is effective in the presence of some organic soil in both internal and external applications. AntiBac-SAN residual film of antimicrobial activity is left on sanitised surfaces and offers effective broad spectrum protection against listed viruses/ bacteria. Typical required surface contact time is generally 1–5 minutes to achieve required sanitation and dis-infection results. Final Spray application may be left to dry on surface, requires no further wipe down & leaves surface cleaned, sanitised and streak free.

AntiBac-SAN key effectiveness – controlling, sanitising and or killing: USEFUL AND EFFECTIVE IN A WIDE VARIETY OF APPLICATIONS:
✓ Active against gram + or gram – bacteria ✓ Sanitising Clothing
✓ Controls/reduces/removes mould ✓ Schools & Offices
✓ Effective against bacteria ✓ Nursery’s & Child Care Centres
✓ Germicidal ✓ Food and beverage plants
✓ Kills bacterial growth ✓ Laboratory’s & Pathologies
✓ Kills Escherichia coli (E coli) ✓ Restaurants
✓ Kills Proteus vulgaris ✓ Sporting Facilities
✓ Kills Pseudomonas aeruginosa ✓ Soak sanitising of pre-cleaned equipment parts
✓ Kills Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA or Golden Staph) ✓ Also suitable for use in footbaths
✓ Kills typhoid fever (salmonella typhi) ✓ Building amenities
✓ Kills/destroys salmonella ✓ Fogging & Foaming stations
✓ Antibacterial action ✓ Safe for use on all soft metals
✓ Bacteriostatic action ✓ CSSD’s, ICU’s & Operating Theatre’s
✓ Inhibits bacteria ✓ Dental & GP Surgeries
✓ Kills mould ✓ Train Stations
✓ Removes/reduces bacteria ✓ Pubs & Clubs
✓ Mildew control ✓ Hotels & Accommodation

• Broad spectrum quaternary sanitiser— effective against gram positive and gram negative organisms.
• Effective in the presence of minor organic soiling.
• Leaves residual antimicrobial activity.
• Currently under planned review with TGA for ARTG listing as an Option B (Hospital Grade Disinfectant) with Virucidal claims.

For optimum performance, surfaces should be thoroughly pre-cleaned and rinsed prior to sanitising. Contact time of AntiBac-SAN solutions should be at least 1 minute.

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1L, 20L, 500ml, 5L


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