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6 Air Freshener Spray Bottle

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Colour code 6 (green) 500ml bottle for Air Freshener

Air freshener Spray Bottle

For cleaning and deodorising all hard surfaces including polished floors, tiles areas, fittings, glass and walls. Leaves an odour-masking perfumed scent.


Breeze Lavender
Freshair Ocean Air
Floral Spice



dilute 1 in 10 parts water. In nursing homes and hospitals use Freshair 1 in 30 parts water

Floor, walls and fittings:

dilute 1 in 50-100 parts water

Offensive and putrid odours:

Remove sources of odour by flushing or rinsing solution of 1 part in 10 parts water. Do not rinse. For extreme odours use neat.

Trigger included

Additional information

Weight 0.04 kg
Dimensions 80 × 80 × 240 mm


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