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Cleaning your home and trying to be environmentally conscious as well as ensuring you are getting it clean is a hard balance.

At OCS Online Cleaning Supplies we like to try and make things easy for you. Below is a sample of some of the products that are good to use in the home.   


Is a glass cleaner that easily penetrates and light to medium soiling on any glass surface as well as stainless steel and chrome.In addition, It is waterbased and has been formulated to produce the lowest possible impacts on anything that lives and breathes. Yet remains highly effective and productive cleaner!

Diluted 1:16 you can bring your current plastic or glass spray bottle into the store and we can refill it for you. This will drastically cut down on unnecessary plastic wastage but is also good on the hip pocket, only $1.50 for a refill. 

Eco-certified by GECA for piece of mind.


It’s a spray then wipe cleaner for all hard surfaces specially formulated to have minimal impact on you and is environmentally preferred.

Dilute between 1:5 to 1:20 depending on how dirty the area is. I use a 1:10 dilution just in the middle to clean with. This means a 1L bottle will make between 5L-20L (on average 10L) of spray and wipe. That makes it excellent value between $0.48 – $1.95 (average $0.97) per litre depending on your dilution rate. 

This means one 1L bottle will more than likely last you the year and maybe longer which is a significant reduction in plastic wastage. Also when your finished bring the bottle back and we will reuse or recycle and give you a discount off your next purchase. 

Eco-certified by GECA for piece of mind. 


Its an all-purpose cleaner that works very quickly to penetrate and remove light to medium soil loads from all washable hard surfaces. Use it on soils and spillages including foodstuffs, drinks, fats and general traffic dirt from all types of floors, walls, windows, toilets paintwork, laminates and other washable surfaces. It’s an environmentally responsible cleaner with loads of uses meaning you don’t need nearly as many chemicals in your stock!

1L bottles are coming which will make this all-round universal product a perfect addition to your cleaning cupboard.

Eco-certified by GECA making this a universal green cleaner. 


It’s a specially formulated environmentally preferable commercial-grade disinfectant that is full of
grunt without all the nasties (it is boosted with detergent for additional cleaning action). It leaves surfaces clean, disinfected and perfumed with a fresh floral
fragrance. 1L bottles arriving shortly for sale.

1:50 dilution makes a commercial grade disinfectant that is Eco-certified by GECA and septic safe. 

5L makes 250L of commercial disinfectant which makes this product cost for $0.12 per liter or $0.60 per 5L bucket. Very low cost for such a high performing product


It’s a true all in one washroom cleaner for showers, toilets and ceramic tiles. This one has no trouble getting into all the nastiest things you will find in a bathroom, dissolve lime, bio-waste, urine, hard surface scale, soap and fat scum on all washroom surfaces, yet it will not harm stainless steel, porcelain, ceramics or glass even during periods of prolonged contact (NOTE : Do not use any acidic products on marble or terrazzo).

Available in a 1L bottle with ranging dilution depending on what your cleaning, but as a general bathroom spray and wipe 1:10 and in showers and baths 1:2. As a bathroom spray and wipe a 1L bottle makes 10L of cleaning liquid for only $1.41/L. Again drastically reducing plastic usage and is eco-certified by GECA.  

Shower Star

Shower Star is exactly that. It’s a concentrated bathroom cleaner with naturally occurring mildew and mould killers in the formula.The wetting and detergent agents work with the organic acids to attack soap scum and water scale. Simply spray and walk away.

Shower Star provides excellent cleaning power along with fantastic environmental credentials, including biodegradable, all natural & renewable ingredients, organic acid ingredients and no phosphates or chlorine. Another highly biodegradable product made with surfactants that are all sourced from renewable, natural and regrowable resources(sugars, starch and coconut oils). Environmental credentials externally audited and approved by Good Environmental Choice Australia.

Showers and baths dilute 1:1 or 1:10 for daily use. 

Toilets use neat or dilute up to 1:5

Basins dilute 1:10

Walls and floors dilute 1:50 up to 1:100


pH-7 is a neutral detergent that has a multitude of applications for cleaning hard surfaces. pH-7 has been specially formulated to be environmentally preferable. Eco-certified by GECA. 

Key Benefits

  • Is a mild detergent with great versatility.
  • Has been verified to comply with the highest environmental standards.
  • Is the answer for alkali-sensitive floors
  • Is safe to use, promoting good Occupational Health and Safety

Heavy duty cleaning dilute 1:40, so in a 5L bucked you need 125ml, costing $0.13 per litre or $0.65 per 5L bucket. For light duty cleaning dilute 1:80, so in a 5L bucket you need 65ml, costing $0.06 per litre or $0.30 per 5L bucket. 


It’s is a heavy duty detergent with but together with environmentally preferable ingredients. It is a fast acting, powerful cleaner for a broad range of cleaning applications. Biodegradable and made with Surfactants that come from renewable natural and re-growable resources (sugar, starch and coconut oil). It’s has NO toxic, harmful or ecologically-suspect ingredients: no ammonia, EDTA, NTA, glycol ethers, nonyl phenol ethoxylates, chlorine or phthalates.

It works really quickly to get into the dirty, oily greasy bits anywhere you find them. By anywhere we mean greasy cooking fats, smoke films, ink stains and food spills from floors, equipment, machinery, paintwork, ceramic tiles, quarry tiles, concrete, walls, ovens, barbecues and vinyl upholstery. Enyclean may be used in steam cleaners, autoscrubbers, mop-buckets or by spray-and-wipe. 

Dilute for floors 1:66 costing $0.11 per litre

Walls 1:10 costing $0.77 per litre

Ovens/BBQ’s 1:5 costing $1.54 per litre 


SEQUAL is a thickened, mild-acid cleaner for toilets, urinals, tiled washroom floors, walls, baths, basins and shower recesses. The special formula will dissolve rust but will not affect stainless steel, even during periods of prolonged contact. The super thick formula allows it to cling to vertical surfaces, extending exposure time for a cleaner result. Less work for you!

The green bit Another highly biodegradable product made with surfactants that are all sourced from renewable, natural and regrowable resources(sugars, starch and coconut oils). Environmental credentials externally audited and approved by Good Environmental Choice Australia.

Toilets use neat and showers and bath’s use 1:5 


Is a versatile, effective general purpose carpet spotter with citrus-based ingredients. Pre-packed in ready to use spray packs, Spot Wiz is deal for distribution to all cleaners for immediate use on spots and spills. Ideal for household use.


LIFT is a high-foaming, neutral detergent for cleaning dishes, glasses, utensils, cutlery and pots and pans by hand washing in the kitchen sink. It will remove food, grease, protein matter, cooking fats and oils from china, glass and metal surfaces. Its excellent capacity for removing fats and food residues makes LIFT an ideal pot-wash detergent. LIFT works effectively in soft and hard water and is also excellent for general cleaning where a neutral detergent is required

Really dirty use 30ml per 5L or light cleaning use 15ml per 5L. This is between 33-67 washes (assuming you use 5L in your sink)


Concentrated heavy duty cleaner and deodorant, – safe on all washable surfaces.

Will Remove
All soils including dirt, food spills, greasy, oily films, fat, carbon and smoke deposits, ink spills, bathroom buildups.

Will Clean
All surfaces not harmed by water including all floors, polished vinyl, tiles, walls, car tyres, upholstery, Venetian blinds, glass, porcelain, kitchen ducting and stainless steel.

Dilute 1:10 for heavy duty cleaning, 1:60 for maintaining, 1:80 for light duty cleaning costing between $0.02-$0.23/L based on a 1L bottle which will make between 50-400L based on the dilution method. 

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