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What makes these products green or environmentally conscious?

Our Mission at 0CS is aligned with our main Supplier Agar and tackles the need to be environmentally conscious from several fronts. We aim to supply our customers with the cleaning products they need to most effectively, productively and economically achieve their goals in terms of hygiene and cleanliness without risk to safety and our environment. Where possible the chemicals we supply do not use phosphates and continue to increase the use of natural, re-growable organic raw materials.
Several of the products we supply have the Environmental Choice Australia Mark an Australian standard awarded by Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) for products which benefit the environment by reducing impacts.


Features of the Agar product range that promote environmental sustainability are:
• No toxic or harmful ingredients.
• High biodegradability is a key criterion in surfactant selection and product formulation.
• Use of plant derived, renewable-source ingredients where practical. Research and development continues in this area.
• Concentrated products with a considerable capacity for dilution, to guarantee performance and save on transport cost and energy usage, and storage space.
• Versatility to reduce the number of products in use at any specific site.
• Simple, understandable colour coded cleaning range for all daily cleaning tasks. This prevents confusion so that products are used and disposed of correctly.
• Consistently high quality and effectiveness so that there is no need to use excessive amounts of product.
• Ongoing research and development into better choice of ingredients and methods.

Plastic Wastage

We collect empty containers for washing and re-use which reduces the consumption of energy and raw material required to produce new containers. Where this is not viable, recycling reduces the amount of plastic sent to landfill waste disposal. All packaging is made of recyclable materials.
Another safety initiative which has environmental benefits is our range of re-usable printed dispenser bottles. Ready to use solution is prepared in, or dispensed into these colour coded bottles for use on the job. When depleted they can be washed and re-filled using product supplied in concentrated or bulk form. This reduces waste through minimising discarded spray bottles and the transport required to ship them. The re-usable bottles also make cleaning safer and simpler. Buy buying in bulk you reduce the wastage of smaller bottles

Our Green Element

Where are our products made?

All of OCS Online Cleaning Supplies products and chemicals are 100% Australian Made and Australian owned. This is important to us as we want to ensure that our clients are getting the best that Australia can offer.

What is the benefit to buying bulk?

With the purchase of 5L and 20L drums of the cleaning chemicals, we will supply you with a 500ml color coded spray bottle. This will allow you to repeatedly re-use the same spray bottle and dispense from the larger more concentrated drum. This will lower the impact you have on the environment buy not needing to use new plastic bottle every time you need to get more cleaning products

How do I order online?

Simply register with you details and choose you payment and delivery option. Some products we can provide a click and collect option same day and some may take a few days to have the click and collect option. We can also arrange delivery to site.

Can I speak to someone ?

Yes you can either use the live chat function, or call us on the phone numbers or even come visit us in store. We are happy to discuss any questions you may have around the use and storage of any products

What is the container exchange program?

You can bring your used plastic containers back to our stores and we will give you a 5% discount on your next purchase. All of these containers will be reused where possible. If not possible we will ensure they are recycled appropriately to reduce the plastic wastage.

You don’t stock the product I want?

If we don’t currently offer it online please call or email us. We are always looking to expand our range to include everything our customers want and need. IF it is something you regularly require we will arrange to stock this item otherwise we can arrange special orders for once-off items

What is your return policy?

  • If you are not totally satisfied with your purchase we will refund you the full purchase price.( excluding any delivery charges). Providing that upon return, the goods have not been used and are in mint resaleable condition with the original packaging intact. This offer is made with customer satisfaction being our top priority.
  • All returns must be approved with 0CS prior to sending back to us.
  • The customer pays for sending and return delivery freight charges.
  • We have the right to refuse refunds if we feel necessary.
  • Large orders or stock that is not normally held and needs to be ordered in from manufacturers that are returned may incur a re-stocking fee. This is determined on a case by case basis.
  • Both the customer and the supplier are bound by the Department of Fair trading Rules for Refunds. It is the customer’s responsibility to be aware of such regulations. Copies of regulations can be acquired by contacting the Dept of Fair Trading.,-replacements-and-refunds


Australian Owned and Made Products


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