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What is the CleanSave system?

Make daily cleaning tasks safer with CleanSave! Each product in the range is packed with high quality and high strength ingredients to ensure that cleaners get the same great performance they know and trust. Our mission is to provide customers with powerful cleaning products which are gently on the environment and safe to use. All our products follow the CleanSave system.

CleanSave offers tamper-proof 2.4L bottles. These have special unremovable safety inserts to prevent the chemical from being poured straight out of the bottle. To use the product, it must first be connected to a dispenser to be diluted helping to maintain safety of staff.

It’s easy to use with dilution rates being pre-set at installation, preventing too much product being used and therefore preventing staff receiving an injury from chemical concentrates.

We can also offer a range of other dispensing systems from a simple pump system to one that mixes with water and provides the correct dilution rates.

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Prevents contact with concentrated chemicals

  • Stop waste & improve safety
  • Highly concentrated range
  • Improve performance
  • Enhance efficiency
  • Control of chemical dilution
  • Be more sustainable
  • Small bottles, mighty action
Product Colour Code Description Each 2.4L Pack Fills
CleanSave 1 1 Floor & All Purpose Cleaner 36 Mop Buckets or 720 Spray Bottles
CleanSave 2 2 Spray & Wipe Surface Cleaner 110 Spray Bottles
CleanSave 3F 3 Disinfectant Commercial Grade – Fruity 36 Mop Buckets or 720 Spray Bottles
CleanSave 3L 3 Disinfectant Commercial Grade – Lemon 36 Mop Buckets or 720 Spray Bottles
CleanSave 3V 3 Disinfectant Commercial Grade – Vanilla 36 Mop Buckets or 720 Spray Bottles
CleanSave 4T 4 Toilet Cleaner 74 Squirt Bottles
CleanSave 4S 4 Shower & Tile Cleaner 74 Squirt Bottles
CleanSave 5 5 Glass Cleaner 110 Spray Bottles
CleanSave 7 7 Heavy Duty Cleaner & Degreaser 36 Mop Buckets or 720 Spray Bottles

Chemi-Safe Dispenser 

It locks cleaning products into place, has instructions for how many pumps are required for each product and task, has a tray to catch any spills and makes diluting products safe and easy!

  • 30ml hand pumps on the 5L bottles for easy dispensing of chemicals.
  • Panel for displaying stickers showing the number of hand pump strokes per dispenser bottle
  • security locks in place 3 x 5L bottles. Cleaners and staff cannot remove and pour from bottle.
  • a removable tray which catches any drips from spouts and can hold the entire contents of a leaking bottle
  • Colour coded system
  • Matching colour coded spray bottles.
  • Each dispenser comes with colour coded and best practice wall charts.
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