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About Us:  A co-founder and Director of Online Cleaning Supplies, Jess has a degree in Biomedical science (honours) and has spent many years training in different chemical and medicinal products. Having a young family has made Jess question the future and the future for her children.

Jess is passionate about environmentally sound cleaning products being readily available for commercial and domestic purposes and has completed the Agar online training to fully understand all the products available. A self-confessed science nerd, Jess expands her knowledge as the suite of products grows and enjoys sharing her passion with customers in providing useful training documents and advice.

Jessica Ausburn

About Us: A co-founder and Director of Online Cleaning Supplies, Jamie brings a wealth of experience to the business. With vast experience in the oil and gas industry, mining and owning a successful concrete polishing company, Jamie has seen first hand the effects of industry and chemicals on the environment from poor chemical management. Jamie decided to co-found OCS to help drive a positive impact on customers in reducing environment footprint – he aims to achieve this  through education and product development. He saw an opportunity within the cleaning supply business to drive a stronger environmental agenda, whilst still providing excellent quality, affordable products. Together with Jess, Jamie hopes to drive OCS on its journey of being an industry leader in its field – environmentally aware yet building Australia’s next cleaning supply iconic business.

Jamie Stamp

He loves to travel with family and friends as often as he can within his busy life (still running the concrete polishing thing!), not to mention riding motor bikes and feeding an addiction horsepower. Keep it on the track though.
Outside of that he is looking forward to building an amazing business for every consumer that is easily accessible, providing outstanding products and great reliable service.

OCS Online Cleaning Supplies

Changing your environmental footprint, one product at a time.

Have you been searching for effective green cleaning products? Agar products have been especially formulated to be gentle on the environment but tough on dirt and grime.

Made with highly effective concentrated ingredients designed to save time and energy, we strive to save on packaging waste and save our customers money.

Why use Agar’s green cleaning range?

    • GOOD ENVIRONMENTAL CHOICE AUSTRALIA CERTIFIED: A number of Agar’s products have been independently certified through Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) giving customers peace of mind that they are making environmentally sensitive choices. For more information on GECA’s stringent Eco-labeling program and certification see





    • GREEN PALM PROGRAM: Agar Cleaning Systems supports the production of sustainable palm oil through the Green Palm program.






    • EFFECTIVE CLEANING: Provides a highly effective cleaning solution
    • Is highly concentrated meaning a little goes a long way
    • SAFE AND GOOD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT: Comes in reusable and recyclable packaging
    • Is phosphate and chlorine free as well as being non toxic
    • Reduces the environmental impact and pollution through use of reusable container bottles and efficiency in packaging
    • All Australian made and Australian owned products
    • Ultra-concentrated chemicals go a long way!
    • Full range of compliance support materials
    • Colour Coded Cleaning System makes cleaning simpler & safer
    • Place orders 24/7 with OCS convenient online ordering

OCS our Green Element  Some FAQ are answered here

Established March 2019 in two locations of NSW Australia, Brookvale and Gosford.
Phone : 0420851339 or 0478720744 Website  Email:

Mission statement

About Online Cleaning Supplies

Still a very new company with very solid foundations and a plan for future our team comprises of our  Jamie Stamp (director), Matt Ausburn (Technician)  and Jess Ausburn (director). Jamie and Matt are two guys that believe you can achieve anything with knowledge, common sense and putting in the time and effort required. The bigger the goal the harder they go. Whats more, they personally test and trial many of the products so can provide personal insight. Then there’s Jess Ausburn our CFO, director and great all-rounder. Just like the boys she is working endlessly to put together a seamless business that runs like clockwork.

The three of them are completely aligned in their goals and desires providing the drive to constantly come up with new and exciting ideas to revolutionise an industry.

We are a progressive and environmentally conscious cleaning product supply company with a clear vision moving into the future. That is to supply exceptional environmentally preferred cleaning product to all consumers. From the average domestic user to the largest industries in the country while maintaining a minimum impact on the environment mind set.

With a massive range of products on hand we can supply the home user to the largest manufacturing plants and retailers.Green, organic, industrial, automotive, food and beverage, kitchen, laundry, floor care, personal, glass just to mention a few.

We provide exceptional service on many levels. The simplest form is our own online shopping platform easily accessible to any and all end users and can be accessed directly from the website, Amazon, eBay, Facebook and Instagram to mention a few.

The OCS Team recognise that there is also a very real need for our clients to have the ability to contact us. A real live human that can provide clear and concise product information whether it be technical or basic and in a language that is easily understood. but dont just trust us hear from our customers

Easily accessible information is also an important service not often available to clients in the industry. All technical data and MSDS type materials will always be available without question.

Quick access to items is a key in the industry. We have a guarantee shipping within 24 hours, click and collect options and express delivery within metro areas if needed.

Did you know that The equivalent of one truckload of plastic enters the ocean every minute? But where is it coming from and who is contributing to it. Out of the top 10 companies several belonged to the cleaning supply industry. This is something everyone can change and we need to start today. One small change today can have such a long term impact on the environment. OCS Online cleaning supplies want to help reduce the unnecessary disposal of single use plastic. All products containers are recyclable and another key service and of high importance is our return container service for 5ltr containers and above. Clients can return containers to designated drop points for reuse or recycling.


OCS Online Cleaning Products was born as an idea several years prior to becoming a real live thing. A couple of guys just having a bit of a whinge about the lack of one stop shops that actually stock what is required to cover basic cleaning and janitorial services in Australia. Little to no presence of organic or green options and the general lack of good customer service.

Still a very young company staring with two centrally located offices, one in Brookvale NSW and one in Gosford on the Central Coast. We are looking forward to having retail outlets in all capital cities in Australia and New Zealand with major warehousing to follow in strategic locations within 3 years.

We are very excited to already be working on a very special range of products. These will be exclusively held in the OCS brand and distributed not only by the existing online presence but also through many of the countries leading retail outlets. Dont forget to check out our price beat guarantee.



About our Public relations

We are looking forward to having a great marketing presence online. This is something again we are working on tirelessly to be at the front of industry and lead the way in our business. Advertising will be in many forms as needed by any successful business today and tomorrow. Electronic and print media, targeted marketing by our sales people and of course word of mouth. We aim to create raving fans!



About our Industry information

Safety, health, and environmental policies

Our safety, health and environmental policies are designed to not only comply with all the local regulatory authorities but in many cases exceed them.

While we have a specifically GECA certified range, many of the other items available are produced to minimise impact on all living bodies and the environment as a whole.

Expert and combined shipping to reduce carbon emission and container reuse/recycling programs across the country.

Building a range of clients is obviously an important and very exciting process. Watching our business grow from little more than a concept so far has been fantastic. We are working building a huge range of client extending from domestic users, café owners, garages and small food processing factories to major breweries, mining companies and retail giants.

Achieving these goals is going to be driven by many things but the most important is to be able to provide a GREEN range that is Certified by an independent body. That being GECA!

GECA’s standards are more rigorous than any other Australian eco-labeling program for commercial cleaning products and are extremely difficult to achieve. The program not only takes into account product factors, such as the ingredients used, level of biodegradability, minimal and recyclable packaging, and increased concentration and product performance. But also includes the health impacts that the products can have on the user as well as the conditions that the products are manufactured under.

GECA’s programs are fully transparent and its standards are developed through consultation with a wide range of stakeholders including industries, experts and the general public.

Keep it clean Australia 👍


Australian Owned and Made Products


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