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As you can imagine COVID-19 has caused issues in the stock of lots antibacterial, cleaning and sanitary products. At OCS Online cleaning supplies we are working with our suppliers to get stock back onto the shelves to get to you. As soon as we have hand sanitiser available we will let you know via our social media channels 

Cool Tide should be on you shelves again soon so please watch this space along with isopropyl alcohol.

Once stocks of antibacterial wipes are depleted it may take a considerable amount of time for them to come back in. In the mean time please view our range of hand soaps click here 

Maintaining good hygiene practices are critically important right now. So please be mindful of touching you face (in particular you nose and mouth). Practice washing you hands several times a day and always before eating or preparing food for you and others. Hand washing is still one of the most effective ways to protect your self. Also make sure you are regularly cleaning both hard and soft surfaces in your home and workplace using chemicals that are designed for cleaning and removing such hazards.

Stay safe and clean !


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