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How to clean you car in 2020. The heavy water restrictions are finally here and dare we say probably a little too late. Not that I want to get into a political debate about the whole water/climate change/bloody Govt thing but more how you can do your bit.

If your like me right now your vehicle/s look like they’ve just done a round Oz trip. I have some good news for you! Washing your car doesn’t have to be an ordeal.

Here’s how to get it done with a bucket, well three actually.

Get your three buckets and fill them with water from the hose.

The first bucket is going to be your “soap bucket”. Why you ask! Simple, the water in the hose is hot and will help break down the road grime. Add the correct amount of our TURBO GLEAM to this bucket and drop your sponge in it.

The other 2 buckets have different purposes. Choose one to be the “First Rinse” bucket and throw a sponge in it. The last will be a rinse bucket, go on throw a sponge in that too.

Make sure you have a good quality chamois one hand!

Now this is important and not always able to be done, but, wash the vehicle in the shade. If you have shade go park the car in it and let it cool while you have a nice cold drink.

So, all refreshed and ready to go?

Take the “first rinse” bucket and start at the roof, front and rear windscreen and windows a once over. This will gently remove any larger possibly abrasive material. While everything is still wet get your soap bucket. Give the roof, front and rear windscreen and windows a good going over to get all the dirt and dust off. Then use your third bucket to carefully rinse the roof, front and rear windscreen and windows. Don’t let it dry! Get Your chamois and wipe everything you have just washed to a sparkling result.

From there, work from front to back repeating the process working in manageable sections.

When done go get another cold tasty beverage and pour any water left in the garden. Yes the wash is super environmentally friendly!

By using our “TURBO GLEAM” you will get the results you need from a PREMIUM grade car wash at less than half the price and use less! I guarantee it’s better than any you have used up to now.

Buy a TURBO GLEAM from us and mention you read about it here to get a 5% discount across any products we have online or in store.

Taking Care Of Your Dirty Side.

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