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The definition on cost effective and green cleaner vary widely. Cost effective could mean only using one product to clean everything (bust is it cost effective if it costs a fortune per litre?). To us at OCS cost effective means low start up cost and low running cost, for example our spray and wipe Citra-mist. You can purchase this in 1L, 5L and 20L. But for the 1L this only costs  $9.79. Now this 1L bottle can make between 5L and 20L of spray and wipe making it a very low cost. But when you think cheap you may also think poor quality. Nothing could be further from the truth with Citra-mist. Citra-mist is an Eco certified green cleaner. It is a very effective spray and wipe and we have tested lots of hard surfaces and haven’t found anything this spray and wipe cannot handle.

cost effective citramist


So if we compare it to this (product not named) both products cost the same amount however one only gives you 300mls whilst Citra-mist provides you between 5L-20L of product. I would then see Citra-mist as a very cost effective product to use.

Looking at the bottle you can see a tick, this is a tick from GECA, Good Environmental Choice Australia. This means this product has been certified Eco-friendly, not only the chemical in the bottle, but the manufacturing, transport and packaging. This is the best definition of a green cleaner and should give you the customer trust in the quality of the product. The best par is if you want to come and try the product first, bring an empty spray and wipe bottle to us and we can refill it for you with diluted cleaner to try it out (for a small cost).


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