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Spring Clean: What is it and why does everyone feel the need to clean in Spring?

Well, the grass roots answer is to make our nests more attractive to a potential mate. So, as humans it’s something that happens with the turn of season and we, (not so much the Guys) feel the need to ditch all of the unnecessary we have collected over the last twelve months, de-clutter and go chase those dust bunnies. Get them before they breed and you kill the Dyson next year! It can be as simple as a serious vacuum or a full blown clean, every nook and cranny that dirt, dust, mould, mildew or worse could be hiding.
Then there’s how do I approach the whole thing, where do I start!

I have a method that works for me, pretty sure it’s not for everyone but certainly keeps things moving.
First ensure that there’s at least one bottle of wine in the fridge or a few of your favourite beers. This will ensure when you do hit the wardrobes and cupboards, the difficult throw decisions can be made without hesitation. Of course the second step is to grab a glass and get started!
So the clear out is done and your in the groove of spring cleaning 2019. Keep the motivation up and crank some tunes. The rest is up to you. Hit the bathroom first is my thing. You think they’re clean until you really look. DON’T grab BLEACH! FRESCO is where you want to be. Environmentally preferred and won’t try to kill you. The bonus is it will actually kill all the mould, eliminate the soap scum, reduce calcium deposits and eat any wayward urine that might have gone astray! The beauty of Fresco is it rocks as a total washroom/bathroom cleaner. Check it out here

What next…. WINDOWS!

Lets be honest, cleaning windows is about as much fun as painting so how about go refill that drink. Grab your Bellevue window cleaner here and go nuts!  This is absolutely the best window cleaner on the market and when you pair it with our soon to be released Ettore range of window washers and squeegees you can’t fail. If you don’t want to use Bellevue you can always grab the lift dishwashing liquid out of the cupboard. Just a couple of drops and you glass is glistening as if cleaned by a pro!
What’s left?

So for the rest of your hard surfaces the options are endless but lets just say our favourite is Spruce. Go fill that glass and get ready for the tail end of the annual cleaning fun.
Spruce is a fantastic all round cleaner that will take care of ALL of your general cleaning tasks (not just spring cleaning) and leave a very pleasant super subtle fragrance. Floors, walls, glass, stainless, polished you name it your sorted.

The last task is buy far the biggest so lucky there’s still a few glasses left or tins in the 6 pack.

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