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There are so many reasons to store and dispense chemicals some are extremely obvious and some are not. Chemical storage is the boring side of cleaning, but each and every business needs to ensure they are doing it correctly.

One critical piece of information many businesses are lacking is having the Material safety data sheets (MSDS). There are two main purposes of the material safety data sheets. These are informing workers and aiding emergency services. The MSDS will tell staff and emergency services what to do if there is a spill, fire or workplace accident. By having the information readily available precious time isn’t wasted if time is an important factor. In a fire situation providing a schedule of chemicals time isn’t wasted researching and guessing. Appropriate plans can be actioned in a short period of time.

Storage can be done several ways, you can lock them away in a cupboard or up on a shelf…. At OCS we suggest a different system a dispensing system such as ChemiSafe or CleanSave will not only store the chemicals safely but they also dispense the chemicals at the correct dilution. Firstly, this ensures chemicals are not over or under diluted. Ensuring every surface is cleaned with the optimal amount of chemical without wasting money. Secondly, these systems are also not going to break the bank and are very cost effective.

For example the Chemisafe is for sale for $200 and includes the MSDS folder and best practice and colour coded cleaning wall charts.

At the OCS Gosford showroom we have the Chemisafe, Blend Centre and Cleansave systems available on the wall. In addition, we can discuss which type of system may best suit the needs of your business.


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