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Welcome to the first instalment of Cleaning Tips!

This isn’t something for just the home user, these little pieces of genius can be applied at a home, commercial or industrial level. It just depends on how big your mess is. Seeing as this is the first of many we won’t go on and on and just give you the DIRT on how to easily avoid a carpet stain caused by spilling a liquid on carpet and cleaning your carpet doesn’t have to be hard.

Oh no! You’ve just spilled half a cup of black coffee on the new carpet. After a few profanities and dancing around in circles looking for a rag that’s never close you run to the kitchen to find the rag to blot it up. Usually unsuccessfully. More swearing and dancing around follows.

We all learnt the wrong way to remove liquids from carpet from our grown ups and they learnt from theirs. So, here’s a better way.

Whats The Better Way For Carpet Cleaning…

When you spill your favourite red or coffee go straight to where you keep your old towels or ex’s shirts. Then head to where the vacuum is and grab that. Here’s where the trick is. Very few of us have carpet stain remover on hand for just such an emergency so, you ready?

Get your #environmentally preferred, Bellevue window cleaner (if you don’t have any shop here) and mix 1 part cleaner to 2 parts water and pour it over the stain. Now throw the towel or shirt on it so it lays nice and flat and suck the liquid out through the material with the vacuum! Alternatively to a vacuum you can use an iron on medium heat steam off to draw up the liquid. If it doesn’t work completely the first time repeat the process and then one more time with just water.

In many cases stain removal from carpets ends with a brown stain afterwards. This is caused by tannin’s leaching upward from the jute used to bind the carpet together. Don’t fear if this happens. Give us a call or order online here a bottle of our Browning Treatment, to neutralise the affected area. Cleaning carpet doesn’t have to be complicated, however we always recommend speaking to a carpet cleaning professional.


Thanks for reading and letting us “Take care of your dirty side!”

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