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How often do you see it? They pop up everywhere, fad cleaning products. A new fantastic new super effective environmentally friendly way to clean your home with one product! It will usually come packaged in a fancy container with a fancy sprayer ( that costs extra) or specifically designed “sponge” or “cloth” that you need to have to ensure it works to its full potential. They usually cost about $50 for the starter pack and around $7.50 a litre to keep using it.Same same but different.

Here’s the rub on the majority of these telemarketing marvels. They can be mainly water! Yep, it’s cheaper to clean with sparkling Voss and probably as effective!

OCS Difference

We don’t do fad cleaning products, we do environmentally preferred, GECA Certified, sustainably sourced product that works. Guaranteed.

Nor do we have massive marketing costs or sales executives on huge wages.

We don’t sell our products in fancy bottles that inflate the cost of the product we supply.

Finally we definitely DO NOT delete any negative feedback from social media! We leave it and work through a resolution in full public view to make sure our clients are going away happy.

You can continue to use your favourite brand of sponges and cleaning cloth’s with our product and when they are done, you could even buy them from us.

We have real addresses you can come and meet us, see product and purchase armed with real information.

All of the product details are listed online with a full break down of what’s in them and how to use them.

Our cleaning products are ALL Australian made. Go Aussie! Not a single fad cleaning product to be seen.

Click and collect in NSW, order online and have your product shipped FOC when you meet our T&C’s.

What Else…

We have a variety of ways to pay!

We offer discounts on your next purchase if you bring empty containers back for re use and recycling. If you can’t get them back to us, why not take a short video of yourself recycling or re-purposing your empties! We will put footage up on YouTube and send you bonus discount vouchers for your next purchase! Go have some fun with it!

We don’t offer free steak knives?!?!

We operate with 100% transparency, we don’t hide anything and would love to hear from you to talk about anything you can’t find information on.

Give either of us a call and we will walk you through how you can dramatically reduce your cleaning costs, save some money and be proud your doing something good for yourself and the environment.

Keep It Clean Australia!



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