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For years now we have had drilled into our consumer driven mentality that we need to have at least one of every type of product, ever produced, to find eternal happiness and the reach upper reaches of high society right. So how many do we need?

Well we are here to tell you that isn’t the case with at least our range. We like to keep things simple and less is more…

How Many do you have ?industrial checmicals

Go and count how many cleaning products you have in your Cleaners room or house not including the garden shed. On overage every Australian home and or business has at least 8 different products hidden away. If you have less I have to say well done. Seems like you haven’t been taken by the very clever marketing of the big guys!

Commercial guys we can simplify your system to as little as 3 products to do ANY commercial cleaning job and around the home we can get you to two!

First of all you have to do is tell us whether you want to use an environmentally preferred green range. Hence promoting a cleaner less polluted work environment and world. Yes the green products really do work and will in most cases cost you less than what you’re using now, plus they smell awesome! Rather we will help you work out what the best 3 cleaning products in our professional range will suit you. They’ll blow your mind with how well they perform, how cost effective they are and how concentrated they are!

What about savings …

If you really want to save money, we can arrange a dispensing system that will give you your products in a super accurate dosage so your guys and girls aren’t using too much. Pair this with our complimentary MSDS folder and you now look serious with the OH&S taken care of. About 3% of cleaning contractors have this material on hand is actually a breach of the OH&S requirements. Don’t be the one to get caught out if there’s a spill or an accident with no info on hand subsequently costing you $1000s, even your business!

Check us out at the products or give Jess or myself a call to work out what will work best for you.

Be sure to check out the dilution rates of anything you see and compare it to what you are using now. You will be pleasantly surprised at how much product, time and money you can save by making a simple switch.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Keep It Clean Australia!

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