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Commercial premises are a tough gig to clean. We get it. Hundreds if not thousands of dirty feet walking through corridors, sticky hands all over glass and mirrors and water droplets from sinks splashed all over your tiles. It looks great after a good clean but can feel like (hard work) Groundhog Day keeping everything sparkling clean.

Imagine a (cleaning) world where your business saved money, increased safety and helped the environment all while using a simple suite of products – too good to be true right?


Cleansave, does all of the above and more, and we think it rocks the commercial cleaning world. Not only is it the Hulk of the cleaning products which leaves floors, windows and surfaces sparkling clean, you can even choose your favourite scent (fruity, lemon or vanilla) to make your commercial premises smell sweeter than a garden in spring.

There’s nothing more important than safety though, and the CleanSave products have this in spades. Therefore, supplied in tamper-proof containers, the large 2.4L bottles come with special safety inserts which stop the chemicals from being poured freely out of the bottle. Your cleaner will need to connect the product to a dispenser – preventing any human error accidents and saving you dollars as only the correct amount will be dispensed.

What’s more is that all the products come in big bio-degradable bottles – we love our customers and want to help them save time by not having to order products so often, by not having to pay for shipments so often and saving you from experiencing the worst situation of all – running out or not being able to access a product quickly.

The fact that the bottles are reusable and biodegradable, meaning you’d be doing your little bit to save the environment, is a total winner in our book. In addition, at OCS we return the bottles and give you 5% off your next order. We will reuse the bottles where possible, or alternatively recycle responsibly.

Try CleanSave today or check out our range of products HERE

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